6 Latest Automotive Technology And Sophisticated

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The technology in the automotive sector continue to evolve over time. Technological developments in line with market requirements increasingly complex technology, and then responded to the latest breakthroughs and cutting-edge conducted by the automotive manufacturers worldwide. Of course, with a very high price, but you do not have to worry about the high price of the car, because you can get tips loan with easily in overnight personal loan.

Latest Automotive Technology

But to develop all the super-sophisticated technologies require high patience. Below is an example of technology that is already in the car of the future progress:

  1. Cloud Computing in the Car

Currently the technology of cloud computing and voice recognition systems is growing rapidly. One car company that will use this technology is the Ford company that developed the device information and not just make the rider know about traffic conditions, speed limits, and instructions to be free from the jammed area. The Ford Company will also cooperate with the Apple company to utilize the internet and social networks with the aim to see the traffic lane clear.

In this case, Ford is working with Apple to develop a cockpit that connects between the laser and radar Escort car with iPhone, named Smart-Cord Live.

  1. Small Sized Hybrid Battery

From year to year Battery technology is still a problem in developing hybrid cars because it is huge. Companies Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf as an example for the development of the battery by replacing conventional batteries or other types of old material lithium super ionic conductors or (solid ceramic material containing lithium, germanium, sulfur and phosphorous) in order to reduce the weight and size of the battery.

The battery is given a named Sakti3 & Planar Energy, GM as supervisors and stakeholders behind Sakti3 claims it can happen within the next five years. Thus in the space of hybrid cars or hybrid will be more spacious, and has retained the same travel.

  1. The Long Wear quadruple mass Combustion System

Mercedes-Benz has been conducting research that conventional spark plug or spark plug older models actually overwhelmed the burning fuel, resulting in excessive exhaust gas. Scientists in Mercedes-Benz test using a spark plug which is more for high compression combustion engine 3.5-liter V6. The result is more complete combustion and ignition systems are more long-lived and of course fuel economy up to 10 percent.

  1. Small Engine with High performance

Lately many car companies that make fuel-efficient engines for example, BMW and Mercedes-Benz began introducing the four-cylinder engine that is more fuel efficient claims, like-minded with the car company Volvo. Meanwhile, Ford and GM are cool to test the use of a 1000 cc engine with three cylinders combined with a turbocharger and ‘direct injection’. Small engine capacity and fuel efficiency is able to work hard and have high performance. As with any car in the Toyota, Suzuki and much more.

  1. Thermal Energy Utilization Disposal Results

A study showed that if a third of the energy of the fuel in the engine to make the generated heat is wasted in vain. So far, it has been a lot of development and use of advanced technologies such as turbocharger technology, turbo compounding (utilizing turbine at sewer to drive the crankshaft). There are also manufacturers BMW and Honda are developing the use of heat energy from combustion in the engine.

Recently, BMW’s own developed what NASA used in semiconductor heating exhaust engine results and then generate electricity during acceleration, which can then regenerate electricity during braking again.

  1. Air Maintenance Technology on Tire

One of the biggest that Goodyear Tire Company has developed products Air Maintenance Technology (AMT) or tires that can fill winds itself automatically, magically yes. This technology can occur because of the small cavities that are connected to some sort of inner tubes taped on the wall inside main tire. If the tire rotates in a state, it will automatically wind will go through the door controllers and meet the small inner tube and pass in order to balance thus becomes a sturdy tire construction. The capacity of the wind coming into the tire will be filled automatically as needed.