Finding Parallels Between Cabinets and Life

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Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets Some of the things that you have in your kitchen are often stored in the kitchen cabinet and that is the reason why it is one of the most important things that you have in your home. It therefore goes without saying that it is very important to keep the cabinets tidy and well organized. The position of the kitchen cabinets are the greatest contributors to their ability to attract dirt, this is because they are placed precisely where some of the messiest work in the home occurs since it is in one of the busiest places in your home. Within no time you will start seeing the effect of grease dirt, food spills, and moisture on the cabinet surface. If you want to keep your kitchen cabinet shiny, new and clean, then the following are some of the tips that you should use to help you. You should always dust your kitchen cabinet often with the aid of soft cloth such as flannel or an old tee shirt (no buttons or snaps). Always ensure that the cloth that you are using for kitchen cabinet cleaning purposes are abrasive free. You should not use paper towels because some of them are abrasive. When there is a spill or any other kind of spot on the kitchen cabinet, make sure you get rid of it immediately with the aid of a damped cloth. In cases where you need to clean greasy or oily surfaces on your kitchen cabinet, take some small amount of mild detergent that has been diluted in water for cleaning. You will then wipe the surface with a dry cloth after cleaning it with the detergent. For detergents with some citrus and ammonium content, try and avoid using them when doing cabinet cleaning. If your kitchen cabinet is made of wood finishing, they you should always polish it frequently like after every month using a non oil based furniture polish. Avoid any polish that has got silicone content as well as paste waxes; this is because paste wax builds up on the surfaces making these surfaces attract more dirt. Cabinets with painted or Thermo-Foil finishes should not be polished.
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Grime builds up quickly on cabinet doors, mostly on cabinet handles. When such dirt accumulate for a long period of time, removing it can be quite difficult. Typically, a good cleaning with mild dishwashing liquid and water should be part of your regular routine. This is whet it will take to avoid the buildup and keep the cabinets clean.
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The best way to clean tough grime on your cabinet is to remove the hard- ware itself. Unscrew it, and soak it in warm water that is soapy for about thirty minutes (while you wipe down the cabinets); scrub lightly with a soft brush to get rid of tough stains.