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How Can You Benefit From An Android TV Box? The popularity that android TV boxes have gained is truly surprising. Back then, the largest company only provided set top boxes to the people, but today, they now offer a much better deal through android TV boxes. Some people refer to it as the google TV given that you can actually use the internet through it. This is a tiny box that you can easily attach to you television set at home. Have you ever looked at your phone or tab and wondered how you can get a bigger monitor for it? Well worry no more because now you can play with all your apps through your television set with this device. You can play games, view social media, or even open search engines on your television set for as long as you have the new android TV box.
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When you already have a computer, an android phone, and a tab, why else would you need an android TV box for? You regular television set can make you view TV channels, your phone allows you to install and play with application, and your computers can let you browse the internet. All these things is rolled into one with the android TV box. The set top box is already a good enough device but we can assure you that the android TV box will make you even happier. Adding a little bit more convenience to the device would be its special remote that allows you to control and scan applications from where you are seated in your couch. If your definition of fun is staying in all day and going through the internet then this device is absolutely perfect for you. If what you mainly need is to be able to view videos on your television screen then you always have the option to purchase a much simpler device that does only that. But of course you have to consider the time when you might want to go open applications and you only have a simple device. You might end up spending more money that need so why not just buy the android TV box? More and more people nowadays have seen how great the android TV box set is and that is why the demand for it is rapidly increasing, but the problem that most people face is that they do not have any idea on which brands are good and which ones aren’t.