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Virtually a year soon after the New Horizons spacecraft buzzed by the dwarf planet, we’re nevertheless finding out remarkable new factors about Pluto. Writer Jon Mooallem’s Twitter feed is a delightful collection of odd animal news bits, information, and photos of animals and humans having strange encounters. As the iconic Penn State Berkey Creamery celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, its geographically dispersed customers now have an ordering tool and fulfillment system befitting a contemporary, 21st-century retail operation.

WBEZ brought writers and scientists together to discover the science of water sources, and the writers then made brief pieces describing the region decades from now when fresh water could be scarce. With a history of trustworthy reporting dating back to 1907, today’s UPI is a credible supply for the most essential stories of the day, continually updated – a a single-cease internet site for U.S. and world news, as nicely as …