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Welcome To NEAT Marketplace

Due to inclement weather, the FY 2017 New Technologies Town Hall Meeting schedule for February 16, 2016 will start off at 10:10 am instead of 9:00 am. Peter Kirby, CEO of Factom, a startup functioning to monetize the technology created by , an open source project, says it really is simpler to get eight-figure infusions of capital from VCs than it is to uncover qualified blockchain engineers. Oxford Nanopore’s Chief Technology Officer Clive Brown announced an upgrade to its devices—a new pore the company has been describing in presentations as R9. Brown revealed that R9 is CsgG, a membrane protein derived from Escherichia coli, but present in many bacterial species.

The new generation of clean diesel autos is a developing portion of the total diesel industrial truck population with far more than 37 % of all diesel medium and heavy-duty industrial trucks registered in the United States now equipped with …