Tips for Buying Electronic Goods: Optimize Internet!

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There comes a time when we consider buying a new laptop, new phone, new televisions, new printers, or even a new board. There is the classic way that it can be done: come to the store, look at the different options, select one, pay, then take it home. There is also a new way that is considered to be cool: order at the online store, or buy it on credit. If you buy on credit or use a loan, there are some explanations and tips that you can see in

┬áBoth of these processes can be very short but it can take several days depending on the buyer’s character. Here I offer some tips for optimizing the time available to consider various options.

  1. Use the Internet for Finding User Info

One uses their internet packages in our gadgets is the search for information. In addition to finding out anything we want, is actually more important to wear to look for the information that we really need. Information from users of electronic goods that we seek is so important precisely because subjectivity. It’s important to know what is perceived users against electronic devices. One might say that we seek the mobile phone is very slow to respond when it is used to play the game. Other users are satisfied because of mobile phone batteries are durable in use for everyday applications. Which is more important to you? Of course if you maniac game, do not select the mobile phone. However, if you do not need to play games and more reliable tool used for daily work without having to frequently charge, the tool is suitable. The example is also useful to compare the instance will pick a pocket camera with AA batteries or rechargeable batteries factory, laptops, and even watches. Appropriate experience, this phase is the most time-consuming but still I am working because it is important. Some of you should find the information is as follows: comparison of information between brands, ease of use, ease of aid manufacturer, the suitability to your use, the durability of the tools, the size, and how many big problems of user-user visible before.

  1. Learn Warranty and Requirements

Around the year 2000, when we had a choice to buy mobile phones authorized warranty and warranty distributor. Currently, for all electronic devices seems less relevant again separated in this way. One reason for a variety of electronic tools indeed provide warranty through a third party that can be easily called the distributor, also because one party may serve a variety of brands of electronic tools. More important to ask what can be done when the appliance is damaged. Where shall be taken, whether it will be given a replacement tool, service charges, and others. Also consider how you will use the tool and whether you need additional insurance for the warranty. Large companies such as Apple offers an additional AppleCare Protection Plan for your laptop. One electronics store chains that often exist in the mall also offers extended warranty with special fees. When buying a DSLR camera for the purposes of the field, we never use it and it turned out exactly a year after the official warranty runs out, the tool is broken and will cost half the price of the sale. Very helpful.

  1. Cash or Credit

With so many deals installments without interest from the credit card company, the purchase of electronic equipment is becoming increasingly easier. The question is, do you really need the installment? The answer comes back to the use of the tool for you. When buying a washing machine for the efficiency of the time because there were three small children at home, then the installment (even with interest) is worth your consideration. Similarly, if you intend to buy a tablet that office work can be completed when the traffic jams on the streets of major cities. But if you buy a flat screen television 32 “for your home, which covers only 11o square meters, the mortgage is not suitable because it would interfere with cashflow for months ahead for a premium enjoyment. You have to save up and buy in cash for the purposes of this last example. Do not also forget that the installments without interest on credit cards also require a fee when we pay off per month!

  1. for Electricity and Charging

Do not let you buy electronic devices that potentially exceed the power in the house. Baking wearing an electric oven in the dark is not a good idea. Likewise, the portable electronic device lest it can not be used because the battery is quickly depleted. How big is the need and frequency of use should be identified first before deciding to buy. For large electronic device that constantly need electricity, make sure the voltage and frequency specifications match with PLN electricity (220 volts, 50 Hz). Electric plugs should also be considered. Is it necessary to add an adapter to an electrical outlet? Adaptor raise barriers, potentially plugs loose, add heat, and thus increase the risk of use.

  1. Budget

Lastly, all of the above considerations would not be helpful if the device is outside the budget. If you really need such a device, but is outside the budget, consider reducing the budget other purposes, utilizing the credit card repayments, or even consider re-purposes to the tool. My wife always reminds: need or want? Reflective questions that must be answered honestly on the first occasion before considering others.

Thus five tips from me. Hopefully useful and good choose!