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What you Should Know about Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is not fresh news anymore because it has become one of the most popular games in the world. We all get curious and want to know what goes on in the Pokemon go craze. The game that was the most popular in the 1990s was the Nintendo. Around the game was revised and the latest version is known as Go has taken the world by a storm. Pokemon Go is one of the mobile gaming series that is currently being used. You can obtain it for free when you download it in your android or IOS phone. The game has become so popular such that it can be compared with the popularity of twitter daily activity of an active user.

Pokemon Go game will use the GPS of your phone in the sense that you as the game player will be involved in the game. The Pokemon Go will appear on the screen of your phone and they will be around you and the mission you will have is to catch them. This game will appear in a series of different worlds that are inhabited by monsters that are very powerful. The dragons, birds, trees, snakes, rats or even dynos will appear as the monsters in the game. As you play the game, a number of Pokemon’s will appear randomly around your location and the timer on your phone will be tracking. You will be getting inspired as you play the game as you will be moving in the different worlds for you to catch the Pokemon and timing how fast you are in getting the monster. When you are playing the game you would be learning on how you would deal with a monster if they appeared in the real life. Catching and collecting the monster is the main intention of the game.

The Pokemon go game started with 151 creatures but the catalog have now evolved to more than 720 creatures. The 151 feature in the Pokemon Go are the only accessible creatures. Since the invention of the Pokemon Go game it has been fulfilling the fantasies of those who playing the game. For all the adventurous game player this is a hot game and it happens to be one of the free games that are readily available in the play store of your android phone. This is the most popular game and those who have not played it should try it. This game introduces everyone to a real world called the augmented world and it attains a child’s dream When your day’s activities are becoming boring you can play the game and it will spice up your world by adding craze in it. The game is available in the Google play store of your phone and it can be downloaded for free.